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Fast-turnaround digital qual research

Introducing Weekend Wonder for clients who need qualitative insight but haven’t time to press pause on their project.


Tailored to individual project requirements, guaranteeing agile insight with actionable outcomes.


Our interactive online qualitative platform is ideal for quick hit audience enlightenment, any early/late stage comms research, creative development, NPD, branding or design.

  • Commission project mid week
  • Bespoke sample recruited
  • Platform tasks and questions designed and uploaded on Friday
  • Platform goes live Saturday & Sunday
  • Respondents access via tablet, phone or desktop
  • Moderated by highly experienced Director level research team
  • Insights delivered Monday or Tuesday
  • Easy: People are increasingly used to, and adept at, commenting on posts /sharing their idea thoughts and feelings online
  • Honest: There’s less social anxiety sharing your honest thoughts online than sitting in a room with unfamiliar peers
  • Individual: We interact one on one.  Everyone gets dedicated air time.  Tasks can be either private or public
  • Inclusive: We can easily achieve a wide geographical spread
  • Considered: Participants can take their time to think, there’s no pressure to answer in the instant
  • Control: Participants have more control/ownership of the process
  • Flexible: Participants can choose how to respond e.g. text or video

Sam and Siobhan not only offer an incredible speed to market, but also a rich depth of insight which cannot be achieved through quantitative research. We’ve used this service on many occasions when timelines have been tight and the insight has aided many key decisions; and at times prevented us from making some big mistakes! This service has completely changed the way we are using insight within the business, allowing us to be much more agile in our planning and activities – essential for any retail business.

Lynda Stretton, Head of Brand

Steinhoff Retail