Scout Research | Expertise - Hard to reach
Expertise - Hard to reach At Scout we have extensive experience engaging with audiences labelled 'difficult to reach' by conventional marketing.
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Capturing the less commonplace

We have extensive experience engaging with audiences labelled ‘difficult to reach’ by conventional marketing, such as benefit claimants, people with mental health conditions, drug users, sex workers and so on.

We know how to gain their trust and to interact without any sense of spectacle. We’re experts in getting such groups to engage. We’re always sensitive not to appear like tourists in their lives.

Experience - a taster

  • Uncovering drug usage and attitudes amongst teens to inspire a communications campaign.

  • Talking with problem drinkers to understanding potential cut-through and impact of unit info.

  • Shaping the tone for a campaign attempting to encouraging those with mental health problems to get active outside and feel the benefits.

  • Gaining the trust and confidence of benefit claimants to assess effect of anti-benefit fraud campaigns.