Scout Research | Groups
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Stimulating conversation not just collection

We offer sessions of all shapes and sizes to flatter the brief. We’ re big fans of groups of 6 people, rather than 8, because they allow you to work the material rather than the room.

Groups are a core methodology which can be enhanced with alternative approaches such as pure ethnography, self and peer observation and cultural collection. When feasible, a multi-strand approach delivers richer perspectives.

The best research goes before and beyond a 90 minute session. Pre- tasks are are a great way of ensuring participants don’t come to the conversation too cold and feel on the spot (but equally we don’t want to warm them up too much and skew response).

Everyone knows that it is often after the event, as you are walking away or replaying a conversation in your head that your killer one liner retort pops up or a previously confused train of thought finds clarity. We feel it is important give respondents the opportunity to feed in any additional thoughts they may have after the research event.

Alternatively we may ask them to wait 24 hours before getting in touch e.g. since being exposed to the ideas what has lingered in their mind, what thoughts has it provoked, what feelings has it conjured, what have they thought about since attending the research?